OrbitSoft Ad Exchange Platform

The highest quality complete programmatic ad system, purposefully built for your supply partners and demand partners.

Custom Technology Made for Consistent Results

OrbitSoft enhances the effectiveness of ad agencies, advertisers, publishers and networks by providing the consistent trustworthy tools and features necessary to achieve the best results from every advertising campaign and every ad placement.

Powerful Monetization

Automate your sales process and focus on more important business functions to generate greater revenue. Improve performance as you move from impressions to conversions with high-tech, transparent, flexible and easy-to-use optimization tools from OrbitSoft. These solutions include pre-built algorithms that work with your data and OrbitSoft Programmatic Bidder software.

Progressive Technology

OrbitSoft keeps you ahead of your competitors with custom coded solutions to make your vision a reality. Achieve better results and improve your marketing insight with the best online tools in the Ad industry. Your OrbitSoft tools include:

  • Trader panels
  • Statistics
  • Collaborative Work With Third-Party Data
  • Campaign Management
  • ROI Forecasting

Highest Quality Standards

With OrbitSoft software, you’ll never pay for advertising impressions that are outside the view of your target audience in the right context. Technological solutions include: filtering invalid traffic, blocking inappropriate platforms and more.

Grow and Flourish with Our Support

Our comprehensive service and training ensure your team always has the full expert support to exceed your marketing objectives with ease. Our expertise in working with data allows for ad purchasing at the pace required by your business. Solutions include: 24/7 support and monitoring, orientation and training, educational materials and so much more.

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OrbitSoft Ad Exchange Offers:

  • Sell Ads in any format (including video and rich media)
  • Schedule or divide placements as per your clients’ wishes
  • Provide publishers increased competition from premium brands for their impressions
  • Report Ad performance analytics in real-time
  • Forecast success rates for future placements
  • Get support from us whenever you need it
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