OrbitSoft Data Management Platform

Brings all your data together with one single platform, helping you to build unique audience profiles so you can identify your most valuable segments.

Turn your user data into valuable business insights and higher ROI

DMP helps you improve your digital campaigns. The platform makes it easy to manage all customer data and build custom segments dedicated to upcoming campaigns. Divide your customers based on specific products, markets or attributes and deliver them tailored adverts.

User data from all your sources in one platform

Easily collect customer behavior data from various sources: websites, mobile apps, and business partners on one centralized platform.

Show relevant ads with targeted campaigns

Divide your customers by purchase intent, market, age, gender or interests and deliver them personalized ads that are more effective than traditional ads. When you apply advanced audience segmentation capabilities, you can revolve your marketing efforts around the customer with unprecedented flexibility and control.

Eliminate wasteful ad spend

Make sure that your campaigns are delivered to real humans, not bots. Spend your marketing budget and time more effectively by reaching out to your most valuable customers.

Valuable business insights about your audience

Get behavioral patterns and unique insights about your users that include demographics and interests. You can use this information to personalize your website or sell ad space to non-competitors that interested in advertising to your audience.

Accelerate your data to real-time action

Taking action in real-time can make the difference between gaining a customer for life or losing them to a competitor. When you overcome the manual processes of yesterday and enable real-time actions across your DMP, you can capitalize on data and insights as they occur to deliver optimal experiences at the right time.


As a complete and transparent data management solution, our core features are built in-house and included without additional fees. Our technology and modeling methods are clearly documented, so you have all the options available from the start to make the most of our data management platform.

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OrbitSoft Data Management Platform helps you to:

  • Create audience segments for targeted ad campaigns
  • Increase the ROI of your digital ad campaigns
  • Discover unique insights about your audience behavior
  • Find new ad audiences that match your current customer profile
  • Eliminate ad fraud and non-human traffic
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