Orbitsoft Header Bidding

A technology for the direct delivery of ad inventory from the Advertiser to the Publisher’s sites. It allows Publishers to conduct an ad inventory auction on their sites simultaneously with several Advertisers.

How It Works?

The moment the user loads a page; the Header Bidding software code from OrbitSoft sends a request to all of the partners connected to the Publisher.

The stats and bidding options are available immediately to all without a queue. SSP, DSP and Ad Networks are given an offer to buy out the ad inventory dynamically.

Once the maximum bid is determined, the impression is sent to the Publisher's advertising server, and the corresponding creative displays on the website instantaneously!

The important difference is that when using Header Bidding technology from OrbitSoft, all Advertising partners get the same chance to buy an impression, and the winner is the one with the highest bid. That promotes fairness, competition, and yields the best results for everyone in real time without any need for third-party brokers or intermediaries along the way.

Header Bidding Advantages

By providing advertising capabilities to many buyers simultaneously, Publishers can objectively determine their true ad inventory value; and by analyzing the demand, the Publisher can also choose the highest rate available to increase the profitability from any advertising sale by as much as 10% - 30% when compared to a more traditional approach.

  • OrbitSoft Ad Server Header Bidding software creates a strong competitive environment for all bidders
  • Advertisers get direct access to the highest quality inventory
  • OrbitSoft Ad Server Header Bidding software also creates a more transparent way of working together, since the Advertiser (or DSP) can work directly with partners and without intermediaries
  • Users receive the most relevant ad each time