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8 In-App Ad Formats In One Sleek Interface

OrbitSoft Mobile software offers advertisers the most popular formats of mobile in-app advertising including: Banners, AppWalls, Notifications, Dialogs, Icons, Videos, Rich Media, and Full Screen. The custom platform can also automatically move ad users to a website, start the installation of applications, make a phone call or send a text.

banner ads in mobile applications


Banner Ads are the most popular type of mobile ads, enabling advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives via the apps they use most.

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notifications ads


Notifications are ads appearing in the notification tray of a mobile device. This type of ad displays outside the app and does not affect app usage.

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icon ads in mobile desctop

Icon Ads

Icon ads appear on a mobile desktop and look the same as the icons of installed applications. Icons allow advertisers to engage users and get a response to their advertising from the main screen of the device.

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appwall mobile ads


AppWalls take up the entire app screen, usually when an application first starts. Advertising can include displays with small images and a brief description of each item in a list.

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dialog mobile ad

Dialog Ads

This ad type displays outside the app in dialog form. Dialog ads in mobile often perform better than traditional banner ads.

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dialog mobile ad

Video Ads

Video Ads are optimized for each device type and connection speed, enabling dramatically higher conversions and an improved consumer experience.

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dialog mobile ad

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads enable advertisers to deliver interactive content that drives engagement and user response even better than traditional static ads.

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dialog mobile ad

Full screen Ads

Full Screen Ads allow you to create cohesive cross-channel campaigns for effective organizational branding.

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Hyper-Targeting Examples:

OrbitSoft Mobile provides the new standard in mobile ad targeting software.

30–40 years
Socio-demographic Targeting
Vertical targeting
Vertical targeting
Local Targeting
Local Targeting
English Language
Geographical Targeting
Every Week
Every Morning
Day Parts Targeting
iPhone 5S
iOS 7.1.2
Safari 7.0.5
Frequency Capping
Many Other Custom Parameters

The Best Mobile Ad Tools Make OribitSoft The Best Choice!

  • API-tracking of conversions
    Track conversions in real time.
  • Built-in monitoring and alerts systems with send to e-mail and SMS features
    Monitor all aspects of system operations while being alerted to important things you need to know immediately.
  • White Labels
    Run the entire system using your own brand and with your own corporate design and branding.
  • Opt-Out
    Give users the option to unsubscribe from advertising if they choose to do so.
  • Customization
    Help us understand the specific needs of your business, and we will develop any unique feature for you. We offer the best turn-key software solutions on the market.
  • SDK
    Simplify the integration process for developers using easy SDK integration without code changes in mobile applications.
  • Free promotion
    Allow developers to place their ads in their own applications.
  • Test mode
    Provide developers with the tools to debug applications in safe mode.

High Quality Dynamic Statistics and Analysis Tools

OrbitSoft Mobile users have access to advanced technologies and tools for real-time analysis of meaningful statistics from more than 40 metrics. We empower you to optimize your campaigns to generate maximum revenue by using data from:

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