TrafficShop Expands to Offer New Business With New Orbit Ad Server

OrbitSoft Ad Server integrates with the customer's existing platform and then replaces it, allowing them to expand their services while having a unifed system designed to scale.


TrafficShop contacted us after using its own independent platform, support and development in the sale of popup advertising for many years. The company decided to expand the range of services provided to its customers by offering a new type of Display Advertising. This expansion severly strained company's existing platform.

TrafificShop was looking for a complete solution that could be integrated with their existing popup advertising management system. We needed to create a unified authentication system, user management and billing system to connect between their existing system and a the new system—all in a single design.


For the basic platform we proposed using a fully loaded version of our OrbitSoft Ad Server.

First of all, we developed a detailed specification for the integration of the two systems into one single platform. Documentation and statistics processing issues were taken into account, with balance sheet and cash transaction synchronization built between both systems. A single authorization and single user registry were also built. The documentation processing not only took into account the current load, but the potential growth in the load throughout the year as well.

In step two of the implementation, we activated the capabilities we had developed with the client and conducted functional and load testing on the OrbitSoft Ad Server.

We integrated the two systems with a unified user design and conducted the final tests for both systems.

The final step before releasing the new system to production was a stage audit conducted by a third-party company hired by the customer, which showed no bottlenecks and no vulnerabilities for any of critical systems.


Several months after the system implementation, TrafficShop was pleased but reaching a limit. They decided to completely switch over from the combined system to our OrbitSoft Ad Server system, upgrading to a full implementation. Their increase in sales meant they could now serve more display advertising and more pop-up ads than their old platform could handle.

“We knew we had ambitious goals that would be tough to accomplish. We had no idea how easy OrbitSoft would make it for us to succeed, and in much less time than we could have hoped for. Well done.”

Dmitry Nikitin, UBO at Traffic Shop

Client Spotlight: Traffic Shop

TrafficShop is an international company that is a leader in sales of popup traffic to the adult entertainment industry. The company has been successful in that market for more than 10 years with customers all over the globe.

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