OrbitSoft Helps Cosmik Ramp Up to 200 Million Impressions

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server and custom programming and support, Cosmik doubles its traffic beyond expectations.


Cosmik advertising contacted us about improving their pop-up mobile advertising to make it suitable for modern smartphones and tablets. Cosmik had used several different advertising solutions over the last five years, but none of the solutions had provided the full and necessary functionality, and Cosmik had reached a point where they could not expand the features of their old system with custom programming. Cosmik said the new system had to be able to handle at least 100 million ad impressions per month. They were looking for a technology company that had a complete solution and an additional service to add custom programming, which is our specialty. After production, Cosmik would also need our technical support and continued improvement to meet the changing demands of their clients and advertisers.


As a basic platform we used our OrbitSoft Ad Server, adding the ability for advertisers to set bids in a particular country and for a particular mobile operator. We also added flexible targeting mobile operators for various criteria, like country, type of connection, connection speed, etc.

For the ongoing maintenance, technical support and monitoring, we deployed our SaaS system, which could cope with Cosmik's anticipated load growth through additional reserve capacity and system resiliency. A special OrbitScripts' team of programmers was devoted to building the system and maintaining continuous improvements.


The Cosmik ad server system was successfully programmed to specifications and installed on our SaaS server resources. From the beginning, traffic at Cosmik increased—from 20 million within two months of implementation, to the required rates of 100 million impressions and even beyond—up to 200 million after three months! Today, Cosmik continues to grow.

Today, Cosmik continues to grow.

“We were able to get the custom programming we needed and scale up quickly thanks to OrbitSoft.”

James McAteer, CEO of Cosmik

Client Spotlight: Cosmik

The European advertising agency Cosmik specializes in mobile advertising popups for clients at major advertisers and ad networks worldwide. The agency has been working in the field of online advertising for more than 15 years.

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