OrbitSoft Helps Client Achieve 30% Increase in Ad Sales

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server, Naro Corporation saw tremendous increase in ad sales, as well as gaining a variety of options for advertising formats.


Naro used Ad Server to sell 60% of its stock; the rest of its inventory was not sold directly to advertisers and was displayed through third-party ad networks via tags (JS Tags). The company wanted to increase monetization of its inventory and saw the only way to do so through the sale by auction in real-time (RTB). To do this, they planned to connect to multiple DSP systems and generate competition among advertisers for each visitor to their inventory, thereby increasing their income.

Naro was seeking a partner with a solution that would allow them to function as an Ad Server for direct sales to advertisers, while permitting them to operate as an SSP for the sale to third-party advertisers. The company also wanted to offer a wide range of advertising formats, since Ad Server did not offer such an opportunity.

The company turned to us, as we already had a ready-made solution – OrbitSoft Ad Server + SSP – and we were ready to customize it to their requirements.


Together with the customer, we worked through and agreed on a plan for migration to the new advertising system. We also provided technical support to the negotiations with DSP systems.

We used a ready-made solution OrbitSoft Ad Server + SSP. OrbitSoft installed the system on the customer's server, conducted integration with its inventory, transferred (converted) current advertisers and campaigns to the new system, set up the Look & Feel, and connected to five major DSP systems.

After these projects were completed, we started gradually switching equipment to the new system.


Currently, Naro’s entire ad inventory operates through OrbitSoft Ad Server + SSP and is selling approximately 90% of the traffic. The work of connecting the new DSP is ongoing. Advertisers have received new advertising formats.

Client Spotlight: Naro

Naro is a Greek company which owns and manages more than 20 news sources. The company displays advertisements from direct advertisers and agencies in its inventory by using one of the Ad Servers offered on the market.

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