Arbitration Reaches Maximum Profits for European ad agency

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server as the foundation, European ad agency got a custom solution with optimized profitability for sales and arbitration on mobile sites that use various payment models.


We were approached by European ad agency and asked to create a system for the sale and arbitrage of mobile traffic using many different models of payment. The system needed to allow advertisers and partners—from owners of sites to application developers—to buy and sell traffic on any payment model: impressions, clicks or conversions.

Since there was no ready-made solution on the market, European ad agency needed a strong technology company in the field of Internet advertising to develop custom code and product capabilities for them. That's OrbitSoft!

Our solution was to provide European ad agency the opportunity to work with both mobile sites and applications via the SDK. We also gave them the ability to work with all the most popular types of advertisements in mobile Internet advertising market, including Native Ads, Full Screen, Dialog, Push, and many others.


For the new system, we used OrbitSoft Ad Server as a base, adding additional modules to create a custom system that met European ad agency's unique requirements. We implemented mechanisms to optimize the sale of traffic on different models: payments made by developers using the CPM model or advertisers using a CPM, CPC and CPA model.

OrbitSoft development team created a unique optimization algorithm that applies statistics to impressions, clicks and conversions to create a dynamic model. The model can anticipate various loads and events, such as increased clicks and conversions. The ad-serving system then receives an assessment of the likelihood of clicks and conversions, and based on these data, makes decisions about which ad will be shown and what payment model will be used.

Special attention was also paid to the resiliency and recovery of the system in case of failures, as we implemented it first using SDK for Andrioid and are currently adding an SDK implementaton for iOS and Windows.


The system was launched on schedule. During the first months of operation it showed high efficiency, thanks to the optimization and payment mechanisms implemented, which allowed European ad agency attract a larger number of advertisers and developers.

A dynamic model now constantly updates and rebuilds using the newest data, allowing the European ad agency system to always operate at a profit.

“The efficiency and profits unlocked by OrbitSoft system are a huge boost to our bottom line. The algorithm was exactly what we hoped for.”

European ad agency

Client Spotlight: European ad agency

European ad agency uses a performance mobile-monetization arbitration platform for publishers and ad networks. The platform increases ad revenue and saves precious time using programmatic optimization that matches traffic to the most profitable campaigns.

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