In Half The Time OrbitSoft Achieves 100% Results for Traffic Force

Using OrbitSoft’s advertising and a horizontal scaling hardware solution, Traffic Force serves 20 billion impressions per month, increasing company revenue 40X in only half the time expected.


Traffic Force had a one-year plan to build its own ad network of third-party partner sites and increase their business in the first year from 150 million to 3 billion ad impressions per month. And the goal for the second and third year was to increase from 3 billion to 50 billion.

But Traffic Force was using their own OpenX Source program, which ultimately required their customers’ sales managers to do too much direct work. Because each manager had different levels of skill with the software, this could take a wide range of extra time—time that the managers were fussing with software, not doing their higher-value tasks.

Traffic Force wanted a system that their partners could manage and do their own advertising campaigns more easily and time effectively. They called OrbitSoft.


OrbitSoft introduced Traffic Force to the OrbitSoft Ad Server platform, which enabled them to get a scalable, high-performance, and fault-tolerant system up and running with little downtown needed for implementation. The modular architecture of the platform removed high maintenance costs from the equation, and Traffic Force was finally able to customize and meet the requirements of its wide range of customers.


Year 1

Traffic Force doubled its monthly revenues. By increasing the hardware side of their advertising network and dedicating more servers—from four to 10—they could now operate in fail-safe mode. That allowed them to reach the following milestones in the first year alone:

  • Serve 3 billion ad impressions per month
  • Increase the number of advertisers in the system to over 1,100
  • Achieve profit increase of 20X in six months—instead of the planned 12!

Also, 80% of the advertisers who worked with Traffic Force now engaged in their own management of advertising campaigns, allowing Traffic Force to free up 50% of their sales managers’ time to implement new sales and growth strategies, not manage client campaigns.

Due to this rapid and successful growth, Traffic Force was nominated for XBiz’s "2012 Company of the Year Award” in the Traffic Service category.

Year 2

At the beginning of the second year, Traffic Force reached 4.5 billion impressions per month, which exceeded the planned goal again by 50%. And the system successfully coped with the extra load.

That success allowed Traffic Force to step back and conduct talks with their advertisers and publishers and come up with a more ambitious goal: 45 billion per month. This required a 10X increase in system performance, so we had to develop and implement a supercomputer for the advertising management system.

Within 6 months, our engineers developed a new system and carried out a huge amount of research. We also performed many load tests, using Amazon and Rackspace cloud services and practically all known NoSQL databases.

The new system could handle 50 billion impressions per day and used enhancement through horizontal scaling to reach the goal of 10X increase in performance, but it only required a 4X increase in hardware. This allowed the number of ad impressions, advertisements, and advertisers to increase.

Year 3

During the third year, the system gradually increased the number of publishers and advertisers, which in turn increased the traffic. The constant development of the market required the addition of new functions and customizations. That helped Traffic Force offer its users the niche software features they demanded and remain a responsive, differentiated market leader.

Among the added features were direct offers, new ad formats, a new interface for a campaigns creator, system reports, and a graph that could compare up to eight different parameters at different time intervals on the same display. From custom hardware to custom software solutions!

JRoss Allan, Manager of Advertising Companies Traffic Force

“We knew the goals we pursued were not easy in terms of implementation. But we had no idea OrbitSoft would perform the job successfully in an even shorter time. Well done!”

Ross Allan, Manager of Advertising Companies Traffic Force

Client Spotlight: Traffic Force

Traffic Force is the largest advertising company in Canada. Traffic Force provides online advertisers high-quality traffic to websites that have similar content and sells targeted Web and mobile traffic on a CPM basis.

With strategic partnerships for years with large networks, the company is a strong competitor in one of the biggest sectors of the Internet with a market estimated at $25 billion a year.

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