OrbitSoft Creates an Ad Network for AdTrustMedia.com

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server, we created an advertising network with unique functionality for a division of Comodo Group, a company that owns a third of the SSL-certificate global market.


In June 2012, Comodo Group approached us with a request to create a new advertising platform for its own advertising network, AdtrustMedia. For a year Comodo Group planned to launch this new platform, which had to work with their own technologies that were already in place.

As its main feature, the new system had to be able to verify and show ads only from reliable sources. In addition, we needed to add dozens of unique features into the new advertising network.


We implemented our OrbitSoft Ad Server with additional modules to meet Comodo Group's requirements and ensure the uniqueness of their platform. The final system setup ran on 20 servers, and OrbitSoft development team implemented a huge amount of custom programming, including the following features:

  • Remarketing
  • Search remarketing
  • Conversions
  • Ad networks
  • Resellers
  • Filtering of unwanted sites
  • and many others


The OrbitSoft Ad Server system was launched on-schedule to the first wave of advertisers. After four months of operation, the company had achieved the following goals:

  • They had hundreds of advertisers registered into the new system, and
  • The number of clients and partners had increased advertising impressions every month, reaching more than 3 billion impressions per month.

Umesh Kumar Project Manager of AdTrustMedia.com

“Being able to combine our system with the OrbitSoft Ad Server really allowed our impressions to increase, which is ultimately what our AdtrustMedia business was built to do. We are very happy.”

Umesh Kumar Gupta, Project Manager of AdTrustMedia.com

Client Spotlight: AdTrustMedia

AdtrustMedia specializes in the display of secure Intrenet advertising and is a division of Comodo Group, Inc. Founded in 1998 and based in the United States, Comodo Group manufactures software and is one of the largest providers of SSL certificates, offering free security certificates to consumers for personal e-mail accounts.

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