OrbitSoft Solution Helps Client Painlessly Enter New Market

With OrbitSoft Ad Server, Zepter Digital Media now has an online advertising presence with up-to-date formats.


Zepter Digital Media asked us to assist them in entering the online advertising market, using new formats, such as Intext Video and Intext 3D in order to work with contextual advertising. The agency was looking for a software solution with experience in developing systems for Internet advertising, and which would be able to implement their unique requirements.


As a basic platform, we decided to use OrbitSoft Ad Server, and make a number of modifications.

We implemented a new format Intext Video, Intext 3D and Intext Rich Media, adding these formats to create a contextual tool campaign. For our partners, we have added the ability to create Intext channel to receive and customize the code for it. Furthermore, we implemented statistical reports for advertisers and publishers. Management and monitoring tools have been created for the system administrator.


The base platform has been further developed according to the customer’s requirements and installed on the customer’s server. Since the customer is already working with partners, he immediately switched them to work with the developed system. Currently, the system uses the customer to display Intext advertising on their own resources and plans to connect third-party tools.

Client Spotlight: Zepter Digital

Zepter Digital Media is a large European advertising agency, under the Zepter Group umbrella. The company has offices in 12 European countries and has years of experience working with display advertising.

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