OrbitSoft Supports SmartRTBGroup Corporation in Mining Data on its Users

Using OrbitSoft DSP technology, OrbitSoft created a solution for SmartRTBGroup in order to maximize ad sales and source user data for greater advantage.


The company has implemented a system of filtering SmartRTBGroup Internet resources and categorizing resources (correlation of resources to interest) for a major Russian Internet provider with an audience of more than 1.5 million users. The system allowed to compile a list of interests and intentions based on user traffic analysis.

SmartRTBGroup, together with the provider, was looking for a contractor for the realization of advertising sales and management system using data on its users (the interests and intentions). The company planned to work with advertisers and implement ads in third-party resources.


During the discussion of the project, our company proposed to use display ads on third-party resources with the help of OrbitSoft DSP technology for RTB. An additional advantage of using OrbitSoft DSP was the DPM module, which was already implemented as part of the platform and worked with user profiles (gender, age, interests, etc.), implementing targeting for advertisers on interests and intentions.

During the project, we have made the integration of the customer'​s system with our system:

  • Expanded ​and improved the DMP module with data (interests and intentions) of the customer;
  • Integrated ​user synchronization module Cookie Sync into the customer'​s system;
  • Connected ​a third-party SSP/Ad Exchanges to the DSP system.

After testing and debugging, the system launched in pilot operation.


As a result of the solution created by OrbitSoft, SmartRTBGroup signed several contracts with major agencies and advertisers.

Client Spotlight: SmartRTBGroup

SmartRTBGroup is a Russian company which specializes in the analysis of content and Internet resources. The company provides a variety of filters to protect users of Internet resources from inappropriate content and works with major Internet service providers in Russia.

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