OrbitSoft Helped Dothop Scale Without Downtime

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server, we kept all of Dothop's customer data, modernized their website design and increased security, setting the search engine company up for consistent growth for years.


When Dothop approached us at OrbitSoft, they already had an ad serving system they were using. However, the way it was developed for their business system made it virtually impossible to upgrade and scale to meet Dothop's projected traffic growth.

Dothop was looking for our developers to solve this difficult scaling problem and introduce a system that would meet the new demands and Dothop's growing requirements.


Upgrading Dothop's legacy system would have been prohibitively complicated and costly. Instead we used our OrbitSoft Ad Server solution. All the necessary features of the old system were transferred to the new OrbitSoft system, including customer balances, campaigns, advertisements and keywords. Dothop kept all their information, and we imported it into the new system in two months without any loss.

We also developed a fail-safe system that could switch from failover server to a standby server, ensuring the highest data security for Dothop's ad server system. Our team of experienced designers made changes in Dothop's website, refreshing the look and incorporating the latest UX and UI design trends. And finally, we set up Dothop's servers to ensure the most efficient use of the new OrbitSoft Ad Server system.


After OrbitSoft Ad Server was implemented, Dothop achieved the following results:

  • The number of active advertisers increased to 10,000
  • The number of keywords in the system reached 23,000+
  • A new minimum level of bid increased to $0.10

In addition to the quantitative results, Dothop got a powerful new advertising service system that combines the scalability and security of data they needed, allowing the company to establish a constant-growth capacity for many years to come.

John Stewart, CEO at Dothop

“Switching to OrbitSoft gave us instant results. We didn't lose any information or have long downtimes. I'm very happy to get the results and get set up to increase our business.”

John Stewart, CEO, Dothop.

Client Spotlight: Dothop Inc.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, Dothop, Inc. Is a search engine that shows search results shown to users as interactive images of website screenshots. In the search results, Dothop sells pay-per-click ad space to millions of advertisers and salespeople who use Dothop's easy and effective search network.

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