Mobile Platform from OrbitSoft takes from 75M to 500M Impressions Per Month

Using OrbitSoft Mobile and our customization engineering experience, we created a revolutionary advertising platform where one the best mobile advertisers in Russia could finally use the best mobile applications.


In August 2012, Adviator approached us to help them build their own platform for displaying ads in mobile apps. For six months, the company had planned to create a new advertising network for mobile application developers and advertisers. Their long-term plans assumed a constant expansion, both in size and functionality of the platform during operation. And they needed a ready, scalable solution that would work with their monitoring system and an existing help desk system.


We had to do a lot of custom programming in order to create a platform for Adviator. As a basic platform, we started with OrbitSoft Mobile and for the company's unique requirements added other modules, such as

  • Cassandra, to store statistics on user actions,
  • OpsView, for monitoring system performance, and
  • FreshDesk, for the user support system.

The OrbitSoft system was installed on a production server 4, with server 3 staging. Particular attention was given to fault tolerances, backup and recovery in case of any failures.

The system had an SDK for Windows, so we implemented SDKs for Android and iOS. But the rapid development of the mobile-application market required constant development and refinement of those SDKs. We also added new ad formats (Full Screen, Video and Native Ads), an additional statistical reporting system, and new anti-fraud protections to help Adviator keep pace with the market.


Within one month, the following results were achieved using the new OrbitSoft Mobile system:

  • The number of developers and ad impressions increased every day.
  • The system served more than 75 million impressions per month.
  • More than a hundred advertisers logged in.

And over the next three years, the number of active installed applications exceeded 15 million—with more than 500 million ad impressions per month!

Adviator now uses OrbitSoft Mobile with the operating system that comes preinstalled on the branded phones made by one of the Big Three players in Russia’s mobile advertising market.

John Stewart, CEO at RedZ

“A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. OrbitSoft Mobile allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with OrbitSoft fruitfully.”

Vladimir Astashkin, Vice President Adviator

Client Spotlight: Adviator

With Headquarters in Los Angeles and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, Adviator helps increase ad revenue for mobile developers and maximize advertiser campaigns with simple and effective tools for advertising within Android and iPhone applications.

Their platform allows advertisers to use innovative formats that are effective (with CTRs up to 20%!) and which allow direct monetization through a network of mobile operators.

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