PixFuture Unveils New OrbitSoft System at AdTech 2016

The new PixFuture system is a drastic improvement over the old system, allowing more features and more business opportunities for PixFuture in the entertainment industry.


PixFuture was using a hosted solution from OpenX, and it needed improvement. They approached us with immediate business needs to be able to create Native Ads, Viewable Statistics, OpenX RTB and improve other settings on their server system to make their billions of ad requests more manageable.

  • Native Ads allow for customization of the style of code so that advertisements match the style of each website on which they are displayed.
  • Viewable Statistics displays information about where those ads are on each advertising channel to make sure the ads are placed in the visible part of the screen.

The system had to be implemented using an SSP module built on OpenX Ad Exchange with the OpenRTB protocol. Additional rights settings needed to show a list of available ad formats for each PixFuture partner and a list of payment models available for each advertiser.


As a basic platform, we decided to use OrbitSoft Ad Server and make a number of custom modifications to fit PixFuture’s specific goals.

First, we implemented a new format for Native Ads, adding a new type of campaign advertisement to PixFuture’s suite of offerings. For their partners, we added the ability to create a Native Ads channel with access to customize the code.

In addition to the code for the Banner Native Ads channel, we added module visibility and all advertising formats into the statistical reporting—both as an automatic online table report and as other reports that could be generated on-request. We also added a Viewable Ads option.

The system was implemented to work with different SSPs and ad exchanges on OpenRTB protocol with an embedded OpenX API to retrieve statistics on earnings for PixFuture’s partners.


In January, the new PixFuture system was unveiled and demonstrated by PixFuture at AdTech 2016.

After an enthusiastic response, PixFuture immediately switched all its partners over to the new system. We installed the system fully on their server resources and fine-tuned it to meet increasing requirements from their growing customer base.

Today, it continues to handle many billions of impressions every month with all the expanded features PixFuture wanted!

“We were thrilled to get the response we did for our new system at AdTech. That told us we had chosen well when we chose OrbitSoft as our technology partners.”

Alex Kapralov, CEO of PixFuture

Client Spotlight: PixFuture

Canadian PixFuture has an advertising network that specializes in the sale of advertising on entertainment websites. The company processes more than four billion ad requests per month.

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