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OrbitSoft Ad Server

Serving Ads for Publishers, Agencies, and Ad Networks

With a simple interface and efficient design, OrbitSoft Ad Server technology manages your online advertising, measures the success of each campaign and helps you maximize the return on each investment. Read more

OrbitSoft Mobile

Leading Edge Advertising Software for mobile ad networks

Grow your mobile advertising business with powerful ad management, optimization and reporting capabilities, and earn revenue by connecting to the world’s largest mobile ad exchange. Read more

OrbitSoft SSP

OrbitSoft Publisher SSP

Increase your income by using the best independent software platform for the sale of your goods and services. Orbit Soft offers a truly transparent software platform with high-tech management tools that can effectively work with the data you manage interact with the DSP platforms on all devices including: desktop, mobile and video. Read more

OrbitSoft DSP

The software platform for ad purchases in real time

Our demand-side platform allows customers to participate in bidding using an automatic system and dynamic rates, while applying an optimized approach to media purchases at any ad exchange and at any time. Read more


of software products

Complete Programmatic Ad Systems
Use our ground-breaking technology to sell your inventory efficiently and effectively
Increase Productivity
Automate your sales process and focus on more important business functions to generate greater revenue
Gain Independence With OrbitSoft Software
We are strictly your technology provider and never compete with your services
Differentiate Your Platform
OrbitSoft keeps you ahead of your competitors with custom coded solutions to make your vision a reality
Consistent Results
OrbitSoft enhances the effectiveness of ad agencies and advertisers by providing the consistent trustworthy tools and features necessary to achieve the best results from every advertising campaign
Individualized Approach
Customized OrbitSoft platforms can connect your brand with consumers billions of times each day, so that your business can tell its story to properly targeted consumers in a unique, trackable and profitable way


Our in-house ad agency is growing rapidly so we permanently looking for new partners on the long-term basis.

Buying traffic

We are always open for every chance to increase our traffic volumes. Our partners are premium advertisers looking for worldwide traffic and different ad types. With our agency on-board you will get reliable, stable and long-term partner.

Selling traffic

Our agency already has more than 35 connected ad exchanges, such as: Google Adx, AOL, Smaato, Axonix, Epom etc. We have worldwide traffic and support various ad types (Banners, rich media, pop-up etc.). We are capable to provide high traffic volumes and increase them on your demand. Working with us you will receive the best performing traffic sources with the highest quality.



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