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Powerful ad serving platforms – Digital Ad SystemsWith our Ad management platforms you can drive more revenue from your ad promotions, slots, etc.

Powerful ad serving platforms

(For buyers, advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and trading desks)

Get your own demand-side platform, set up programmatic ad campaigns, and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics

White Label Solutions

Highly customizable, white label software platforms for media buying, media selling and data activation.
Select the product that best serves your needs to see how it can solve problems and support your business goals in online advertising.


AdTech Ad Serving platform

For publishers, ad networks and ad agencies

With a simple interface and efficient design our Ad Server technology manages your online advertising, measures the success of each campaign and helps you maximize the revenue.

  • Ad Inventory Management

  • Reach Your Core Audience

  • Create & Optimize Ads Easily

  • Advanced Ad Planning, Ad Tracking & Ad Reporting

  • Transaction History

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White Label DSP for ad purchases in real time

For advertisers, ad networks and ad agencies

Get your own demand-side platform, set up programmatic ad campaigns, and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics.

  • Campaign Optimization Engine

  • Targeting and Inventory

  • Real-Time Bidding

  • Analytics, Reports, and Insights

  • Optimization algorithm

  • Cost Efficiency

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White Label SSP: your own SSP — your own monetization terms

For publishers and ad networks

Advanced platform for publishers to maximize their revenue using comprehensive tools for programmatic yield optimization. Easily Connect to Dozens of DSPs, Exchanges, S2S, RTB & Header Bidding Partners.

  • Full-stack Programmatic SSP Product

  • One Solution for All Devices - Mobile SSP

  • Reports and analytics

  • Control the Quality of Your Ads

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White Label DMP: improve your digital marketing effectiveness

For ad nerworks and ad agencies

Unify and activate your data to execute campaigns across digital advertising channels with White Label Data Management Platform.

  • User data from all your sources in one platform

  • Determine the right customers to target

  • Use analytics to refine your audience

  • Full transparency

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Ad Exchange Platform

For ad nerworks and ad agencies

The highest quality complete programmatic ad system, purposefully built for your supply partners and demand partners.

  • Custom Technology Made for Consistent Results

  • Sell Ads in any format

  • Forecast success rates for future placements

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CPA Affiliate Marketing Software

For advertisers, publishers, ad networks and ad agencies

The highest quality complete system, purposefully built for for buying ad spots with Cost per Action payment model

  • Horizontally scalable & highly fault tolerant system

  • Support of any types of conversion actions

  • Detailed conversion and commission payment reports

  • Both servers and Cloud solutions

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How Digital Ad Systems works

We are allows you to launch an enterprise-grade partner program tailored precisely
for your industry. All it takes is a few minutes!

For publishers

Claim complete control over your ad revenue, Create placements and serve ads on your app or website.

For ad networks

Set up the base for your ad business. Streamline ad management and earn more.

For ad agencies

We help MT4/5 and crypto businesses start a partner program and build trustworthy and transparent partnerships.

For affiliates

We empower online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, or multi-brand affiliate programs with the most powerful yet easy-to-use software.

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Rich Media

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Why To Choose Our Company?

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Custom programming

Trusted By B2B Experts


John Stewart

CEO, Dothop

"We chose Digital Ad Systems for their reputation in the industry and their white label offering. The transition was smooth, and their platform provided us with all the tools we needed to manage and optimize our ad inventory effectively. Their team has been incredibly supportive throughout the process. We've seen a significant increase in ad revenue and are now able to offer our advertisers better targeting options, resulting in higher engagement rates."


Vladimir Astashkin

Vice President at Adviator

“A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. It allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with Digital Ad Systems fruitfully.”


Dmitry Nikitin

UBO at Traffic Shop

“We were struggling to find a reliable ad server solution that could meet our needs and those of our clients. Digital Ad Systems ad server solution exceeded our expectations. The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and highly customizable, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into our existing systems. With their help, we've been able to deliver targeted ad campaigns to our clients efficiently, resulting in increased revenue and client satisfaction. We highly recommend Digital Ad Systems to any agency looking for a reliable ad server solution.”


Ross Allan

VP of Marketing at Traffic Force

"As an ad network, we needed a robust ad server solution that could handle our growing volume of traffic and provide us with detailed analytics to optimize our campaigns effectively. The ability to white label maintains our brand consistency, aiding in client trust-building. Thanks to Digital Ad Systems, we've grown our network, attracted new advertisers, and solidified our market position."


James Mitchell

CEO of BrightWave Marketing

"I've been thoroughly impressed with the CPA Affiliate Platform that Digital Ad Systems developed specifically for our business. This tailored solution has significantly boosted our lead generation efforts. The variety of high-converting offers and the precision of their tracking technology have made it easy to see real results. The team is also incredibly supportive, helping us reaching our tech and business goals. Highly recommend!"

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