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White Label SSP: Your Own SSP — Your Own Monetization Terms with Digital Ad SystemsAdvanced Supply Serving platform for publishers to maximize their revenue using comprehensive tools for programmatic yield optimization.

Supply Side Platform

White Label SSP: Your Own SSP — Your Own Monetization Terms!

Advanced ad serving platform for publishers to maximize their revenue using comprehensive tools for programmatic yield optimization. Easily Connect to Dozens of DSPs, Exchanges, S2S, RTB & Header Bidding Partners.


Monetise your most valuable asset - content

Be confident that your advertising efforts yield fair revenue for each ad impression through OrbitSoft's cutting-edge Floor Pricing Technology, dynamically operating in real-time

Access new markets

Gain additional income and expand your access to new sources of demand through the implementation of Header Bidding Technology. This innovative approach enables you to maximize advertiser bids across your inventory, scaling up your revenue potential significantly. By opening up more demand sources, Header Bidding Technology empowers advertisers to bid competitively on a broader range of impressions, making it a highly effective strategy for optimizing website monetization

Get the most of your mobile app - Mobile SSP

OrbitSoft integrates into all mobile platforms and enables publishers to build a world-class business. SDK and various integration options provide special algorithms and flexibility for the effective control of the distribution of your advertising resources across all mobile inventory

Build New Relationships with Your Buyers - SSP ads

In addition to programmatic advertising via SSP, the OrbitSoft system enables you to establish direct relationships with advertisers and agencies effortlessly. Our digital technology supports selling inventory or audience segments, conducting private auctions, and facilitating direct deals without compromising data security or privacy. Our custom solutions ensure you maintain complete control at all times

Control the Quality of Your Ads

Digital SSP provides both manual and automated audit tools, ensuring transparency in managing ads on your site. This helps maintain your branding and enhances your reputation, while also optimizing performance. Built-in mechanisms for data analysis further strengthen ad quality control, supporting your strategy with additional methods to ensure effective management

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Key Functionality


Key metrics in one place

Gain instant access to essential metrics of ad performance through tools featuring graphs and tables. This allows you to unlock insights into the effectiveness of your entire ecosystem with clear, digestible reporting visuals. Standard comparisons of performance indicators enable quick trend spotting and ad campaign analysis in seconds.


Reports and analytics

Supply side platform (SSP) companies, website owners, and app developers can efficiently manage all DSP connections through a unified interface, enhancing partner relationships. Generate comprehensive reports swiftly upon request or on a scheduled basis, and export them in various formats to save time and streamline team productivity. This includes valuable data on ad campaigns, ensuring efficient management and informed decision-making


Finance and payments

Users can easily access and manage payments, account details, and financial analysis tools based on diverse metrics. Deliver control over cash flow through comprehensive tracking of transfers and automated payments via electronic systems, bank transfers, checks, and other processing methods. This ensures efficient spending and adds value through advanced technology


Full-stack programmatic SSP product

Our premium programmatic technologies, extensive integrations, and capabilities allow us to offer an innovative, cost-effective solution. Choose and connect with demand partners using a strategic approach of your choice to build a unique media trading environment within your industry. Benefit from proven, trusted traffic onboard for optimal performance


Optimization algorithm

Our White Label SSP features a built-in predictive algorithm that leverages real-time data from managed and programmatic demand, combined with historical platform data. This advanced tech allows precise targeting and enhances performance

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How can your Supply Side Platform help increase my ad revenue?

Our SSP boosts your ad revenue by delivering optimized content to a premium audience. Top publishers trust our platform since it connects leading publishers and advertisers for a fruitful partnership. The self-serve interface ensures easy management, while advanced targeting and real-time analytics maximize your ad performance and revenue potential

What makes your SSP different from other platforms on the market?

Digital Ad Systems SSP allows you to integrate any direct advertisers and DSP platforms that are most relevant for your sphere. Our platform is a highly customizable white-label solution tailored to your business field and the ever changing needs of your clients. With a robust infrastructure and seamless exchange capabilities, we ensure maximum flexibility and performance

What kind of analytics and reporting features does your SSP offer?

Digital Ad Systems SSP offers enhanced reporting on each publisher, placement, direct advertiser, and DSP performance, including the opportunity to download and schedule the sending of the report to your email address. Our detailed analytics provide valuable insight, helping you understand the impact of your campaigns and optimize your strategy for better results

How does your SSP ensure the quality and safety of ads?

Our SSP ensures ad quality and safety by working with certified partners, maintaining strict privacy standards, and leveraging advanced addressability techniques. This ensures optimal ad performance while protecting user data and maintaining a high-quality ad environment

What support and integration services do you provide for new customers?

Digital Ad Systems offers comprehensive support and integration services for new customers. With our in-house development team, any integration and customization task is handled easily. Our project manager and account manager stay in touch and ensure transparent communication, ready to answer any questions about the platform and its functionalities. Our DevOps department sets everything up for a white-label, fault-tolerant platform, ensuring your success. Our development team is glad to perform any integration and customization services, creating a world-class experience in the market for both you and your buyer

Trusted By B2B Experts


John Wilmington

CEO at AdPlayHop

"As a loyal client of Digital Ad Systems, I am thoroughly satisfied with their supply-side platform. The transparent communication and quick, high-quality customizations are exceptional. Their feature-rich and lean SSP platform has made them a reliable business partner. I look forward to working closely with them in the future to achieve even greater success in digital advertising"


Vladimir Kovalevich

VP at Adgrowth

"I am highly satisfied with their feature-rich SSP platform that perfectly meets the needs of our advanced video ad network. Their platform supports all online video formats, including CTV, and provides exceptional ROI. Their global reach and top-notch service make them an invaluable partner"


Mark Wingster

the CMO AdvWin

"As a long-term client of Digital Ad Systems, I highly value the independence their SSP platform provides. The wide variety of ad sources available, including direct advertisers, DSPs, XML feeds, and passback tags, allows us to maximize our revenue potential. This platform offers a tremendous opportunity for growth and success in our ad operations"

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