White Label Data Management Platform (DMP) from Digital Ad SystemsImprove your digital marketing effectiveness with precise audience targeting

White Label Data Management Platform (DMP): improve your digital marketing effectiveness with precise audience targeting

Unify and activate your data to execute campaigns across digital advertising channels. Use data to drive personalized and contextual advertising that engages and wins over relevant audiences. Optimize spend across programmatic advertising through open web and social channels.

Key Benefits

Create audience segments for targeted ad campaigns

Increase the ROI of your digital ad campaigns

Discover unique insights about your audience behavior

Find new ad audiences that match your current customer profile

Eliminate ad fraud and non-human traffic

White Label DMP Features


User data from all your sources in one platform

Easily collect customer behavior data from various sources: websites, mobile apps, and business partners on one centralized platform.

Ingest first-party online (across desktop and mobile) and offline data.

Classify and organize data into targetable user segments.

Enhance your data with second- and/or third-party datasets.

Monitor data ingest with reports that help diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Show how many times user profiles are found and classified correctly.

Show how inventory is trending over time.


Determine the right customers to target

Expand your audience and reach the appropriate groups of consumers

Take advantage of look-alike modeling to grow prospecting audiences.

Use taxonomy permission tools for second-party data sharing.

Identify categories that are highly correlated to a defined audience with audience discovery reports.

Discover new audiences or expand your target audience during campaign planning to improve campaign performance.


Use analytics to refine your audience

Continuously refine your target audience to ensure it’s based on up-to-date information.

Get actionable audience insights across all events represented in your data with audience analytics reports.

Use precampaign analytics to understand audience composition before running before ad campaign running.

Use post-campaign analysis to verify that you served the right audience.

Reduce waste and drive a better buying experience by keeping recent converters out of your campaigns with audience suppression reports.



As a complete and transparent data management solution, our core features are built in-house and included without additional fees. Our technology and modeling methods are clearly documented, so you have all the options available from the start to make the most of our data management platform.

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