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Powerful DSP Platform | Reach Your Target Audience & Boost ROIUnlock the power of programmatic advertising with our leading DSP platform. Target the right audience, optimize your campaigns, and achieve maximum ROI

DSP Platform

Unlock the power of programmatic advertising with our demand-side platform. Seamlessly set up ad campaigns, manage activities, and access real-time analytics with precision targeting tools.


Access the best inventory from one place

Gain access to an extensive network of third-party publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges that support the OpenRTB protocol. Maximize your omnichannel presence by purchasing ad space at a lower price with a higher value

DSP for 6 Ad Types

Our demand side platform supports such ad types as text, image, richmedia, video, VAST tag, and Popup

Built-in Predictor

Optimize your campaign performance with our DSP programmatic algorithms, ensuring you buy at the lowest possible pricing

Target the right audience

Create Conversions, build Remarketing lists, and run remarketing campaigns. Avoid blacklisted audiences and enjoy precise targeting

Real-time analytics

Access real-time marketing statistics through our API or conveniently view them on the DSP marketing dashboard for transparent reporting

Customisable and scalable solution

Get the flexibility you need for media buying strategies. Tailor your ad campaigns with our custom features, ensuring they adapt seamlessly to your evolving advertising needs

Deliver premium ad campaigns with Digital Ad Systems today. Get started now and receive INSTANT access to our DSP

White Label DSP Features


Campaign Optimization Engine - DSP for Marketers

Optimize Conversions, boost Brand Awareness, maximize Clicks, CPM Margins, ROI, and CTR

Your data drives your results

Harness your DSP campaign data to fuel automated optimization algorithms, tailoring strategies to your specific marketing strategy and enhancing conversion rates

Optimization at Scale

Experience fully automated campaign optimization through programmatic DSP algorithms, continuously refining strategies with historical and real-time performance insights

Enhanced Performance

Witness tangible results with proven optimization examples, such as improved CPC and CPM, showcasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy powered by data-driven decisions


Targeting and Inventory - DSP Ad Tech

OrbitSoft DSP delivers flexibility when it comes to inventory selection across display, mobile, and video. Rich targeting settings and high inventory quality is the top priority for Digital Ad Systems DSP users, and we are proud to deliver a multitude of targeting capabilities:

Ad Visibility - DSP in Advertising

Multiple integrations enable DSP advertising companies to measure results and organize their targeting based on various visibility-driven indicators and parameters

Quality Attributes

A wide variety of filters are in place to help marketers avoid low quality or dangerous content and have brand safety in place

Category semantic and contextual targeting

DSP platforms target websites based on categories and subcategories easily, thus optimizing the ad spend


Enrich your campaign targeting by leveraging your local driven audience data and making the most of machine learning algorithms at the backend of our platform

And so much more!

Geo-based targeting, DSP for mobile targeting and integration to video ads, hyper-local, IP targeting, DMA, hardware and system, proprietary targeting indexes, etc


Analytics, Reports, and Insights

Robust reporting allows for drill down of delivery and supply by trends, frequency, geo, and system, with multiple dimensions within each view

Real Time Reporting

Dive deeper into your DSP campaigns performance in real time. Analyze your campaigns in one place from the birds-eye account view, to individual campaign and ad-based levels

Advertiser Portals

Independent, customer-scoped, white-label DSP ad portals are available to our customers

Delivery Reports - DSP display

Attain an additional level of granularity and bid for the most efficient placements. Get an in-depth understanding of which inventory is driving your conversions

Supply Side Intelligence

Leverage our supply side reports and analytics to gain a better understanding of exchanges and the cross-channel inventory available

Report Delivery Automation with Extraction

Select, extract, and schedule custom reports with DSP ad campaign performance data for delivery. Showcase the results to your clients and partners


Optimization algorithm

Our White Label DSP has a built-in predictive algorithm that analyzes real-time data from managed and programmatic demand, along with historical data available within the DSP platform

Deliver premium ad campaigns with Digital Ad Systems today.
Get started now. Receive INSTANT access to our DSP


What is a DSP platform and how does it work?

A DSP is a platform that enables ad agencies and ad networks to connect with multiple ad exchanges and publishers, streamlining campaign management. It empowers advertisers to buy ad inventory programmatically, targeting specific audiences efficiently

What are the benefits of using a DSP platform?

Utilizing a DSP advertising platform enables you to get full control over campaign strategies and advertising tech. It encourages advertisers to automate ad buying processes, optimizing targeting and budget allocation across various channels, enhancing efficiency and performance

What types of data can I use for targeting with your DSP?

You can leverage various data types for precise targeting with our DSP, including demographic, geographic, behavioral, contextual, and device-related data. This allows you to reach your desired audience with tailored messaging and elevate campaign effectiveness

How does your DSP platform ensure campaign transparency and brand safety?

Our DSP employs advanced tools like pre-bid filtering, real-time monitoring, and partnerships with trusted measurement services to ensure campaign transparency and brand safety. This proactive approach safeguards your brand's reputation and ensures your ads are displayed in suitable digital advertising inventory, fostering trust and confidence in your digital advertising efforts

Trusted By B2B Experts


John Stewart

CEO at Dothop

Opting for Digital Ad Systems as our tech partner was a strategic move for us, drawn by their industry repute and white label solution. Transitioning was seamless; their platform equips us to manage and optimize ad inventory and advertise efficiently. Their support team was pivotal, and the outcome has been remarkable: heightened digital ad revenue and enhanced advertiser targeting, driving superior engagement rates


Vladimir Astashkin

VP at Adviator

Digital Ad Systems developed an innovative mobile platform from scratch, meeting our needs and surpassing expectations. Its end-to-end approach enabled us to achieve robust results in mobile advertising, aligning perfectly with our business goals. Our continued fruitful collaboration speaks volumes about their expertise in this space


Mark Hewings

the CMO AdvWin

Digital Ad Systems DSP platform seamlessly integrates DSPs, simplifying multi-channel campaigns. With support for audio ads and detailed ID analytics, its a marketers dream. Its revolutionized our approach, boosting efficiency and maximizing ROI. If youre serious about digital advertising, Digital Ad Systems is the ultimate solution

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