White Label DSP: demand-side platform for ad purchases in real time – Digital Ad SystemsGet your own demand-side platform, set up programmatic ad campaigns, and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics

White Label DSP: demand-side platform for ad purchases in real time

(For buyers, advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and trading desks)

Get your own demand-side platform, set up programmatic ad campaigns, and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics

Key Benefits of DSP digital marketing:

Global reach

Get access to thousands of publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges which support the OpenRTB protocol, to purchase ad space with a lower price, but higher value.

DSP Ad Formats

Different DSP advertising formats available - display, mobile, video, native, etc.

Smart Optimization

Buying for the lowest possible price due to our DSP programmatic optimization algorithms.

Precise targeting

Enjoy precise targeting to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.

Real-time analytics

Get stats delivered by API in real time, or on the DSP marketing dashboard.

White Label DSP Features


Campaign Optimization Engine - DSP in Marketing

Optimize Conversions, Brand Awareness, Clicks, CPM Margins, etc.

Your data drives your results

Your DSP campaigns data can be used to train automated optimization algorithms and to shape optimization based on your own unique goals.

Fully automated campaign optimization

Programmatic DSP Algorithms that constantly learn and improve based on historical and real-time performance data.

Proven performance

To the left you can see some proven optimization examples of improved CPC and CPM.


Targeting and Inventory - DSP Ad Tech

OrbitSoft DSP delivers a vast number of choices when it comes to inventory selection across display, mobile, and video. Rich targeting and inventory quality is the top priority for OrbitSoft DSP users, and we are proud to deliver a multitude of targeting capabilities:

Ad Visibility - DSP in Advertising

Multiple integrations enable DSP advertising companies to organize their targeting based on various visibility-driven indicators and parameters.

Quality Attributes

A wide variety of filters are in place to help marketers avoid low quality or dangerous content.

Category semantic and contextual targeting.

DSP platforms target websites based on categories and subcategories easily.


Enrich your campaign targeting by leveraging your local driven audience data.

And so much more!

Geo-based targeting, DSP for mobile targeting, hyper-local, IP targeting, DMA, hardware and system, proprietary targeting indexes, etc.


Analytics, Reports, and Insights

Robust reporting allows for drill down of delivery and supply by trends, frequency, geo, and system, with multiple dimensions within each view.

Real Time Reporting

Inspect and monitor your DSP campaigns performance in real time. Drill down from the birds-eye account view, to individual campaign and ad-based levels.

Advertiser Portals

Individual, customer-scoped, white-label DSP ad portals are available to our customers.

Delivery Reports - DSP display

Attain an additional level of granularity and drill down to individual website performance. Get an in-depth understanding of which online properties are driving your findings.

Supply Side Intelligence

Leverage our supply side reports and analytics to gain a better understanding of exchanges and the cross-channel inventory available.

Report Delivery Automation with Extraction

Select, extract, and schedule custom reports with DSP ad campaign performance data for delivery.


Optimization algorithm

Our White Label DSP has built-in predictive algorithm that analyzes real-time data from managed and programmatic demand, in conjunction with historical data available within the DSP platform.

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Custom programming

Trusted By B2B Experts


John Stewart,
CEO, Dothop.

“Switching to OrbitSoft gave us instant results. We didn't lose any information or have long downtimes. I'm very happy to get the results and get set up to increase our business.”


Vladimir Astashkin,
Vice President Adviator

A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. OrbitSoft Mobile allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with OrbitSoft fruitfully.”


Ross Allan,
Manager of Advertising
Companies, Traffic Force

“We knew the goals we pursued were not easy in terms of implementation. But we had no idea OrbitSoft would perform the job successfully in an even shorter time. Well done!”


Dmitry Nikitin,
UBO at Traffic Shop

“We knew we had ambitious goals that would be tough to accomplish. We had no idea how easy OrbitSoft would make it for us to succeed, and in much less time than we could have hoped for. Well done.”

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