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Best Ad Server for Scalable & Reliable Ad DeliveryManage and deliver your ads effectively with our powerful ad server. Enjoy robust features, advanced analytics, and seamless integration for optimal performance

Ad Server

With full platform ownership, our Ad Server technology is designed with a simple interface and efficient design to manage your online advertising. Measure the success of each campaign and maximize your revenue effortlessly with our advanced ad serving platform


Remarketing and Conversions Tracking

Capture audiences who have previously visited your website. This powerful tool allows your advertisers to re-engage potential customers effectively

Various Cost Models

Choose the pricing model that fits your business, including CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV, and more

Third-party Network Integration

Seamlessly sell your ad inventory and display ads from third-party networks via API XML/JS Tags or OpenRTB

Multiple Ad Formats

Offer diverse ad formats such as display, mobile, video, native, and more

Precise Targeting

Deliver your ads to the right audience at the right time with our precise targeting capabilities

Forecasting and Analytics

Make informed decisions with our system’s detailed profit forecasts and operational efficiency analytics

Billions of Impressions Per Day

Benefit from a scalable, high-performance, and fault-tolerant system

User API for Convenience

Integrate seamlessly with any third-party software through our robust program interface

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Key Functionality


Ad Inventory Management

Manage your ad inventory efficiently, ensuring optimal use and revenue

Create all of your website lists, channels, and ad codes easily in one place

Review statistics of your entire inventory

Improve your pricing and management efficiency

Set your own rules for inventory, decide who can buy it and at what price

You decide which ads to display on which websites with just a few clicks. Enjoy one-click easy targeting options and detailed analytic reports that minimize your time needed and maximize your revenue earned


Reach Your Core Audience

Target and engage your core audience with precision

GeoTarget Locations By Country, Region, City & Postal Code

Segment Ad Traffic by Languages

Schedule Ads With Custom Parameter

Optimize by Browser, Device, OS, Net Speed, and Net Provider

Benefit from Multiple Views With Ad Remarketing

Organize Inventory and Traffic Categories


Create & Optimize Ads Easily

Utilize our tools to create, optimize, and manage your ads effortlessly

Text Ads

Text & Logo Ads

Banner Ads

Native Ads

Video Ads

Rich Media Ads

Expandable Ads

Pop-up/under Ads

Banderole Ads

Page Peel Ads

Floating Ads

Billboard Ads

Full Screen Ads

Mobile Ads


Advanced Ad Planning, Ad Tracking & Ad Reporting

Plan, track, and report on your ad campaigns with our advanced tools.

Dynamic reports are available for each user in real time. The software covers all of your campaigns, groups, ads, sites and ad space. Users have the ability to generate reports on any given parameters with flexible settings by date range and report fields in offline mode, or with powerful report templates as an automated service defined by their own scheduling

Digital Ad Systems Ad Server provides powerful analytics visualized as interactive graphs, charts, heat maps, and diagrams to simplify analysis and make evaluating Ad performance even faster


Transaction History

Access a complete history of your transactions for transparency and management

Digital Ad Systems Ad Server's billing offers simple navigation, filtering options, and easy-to-see summaries of all your important billing and payment information

Here are some of the things your users can do with their accounts:

See complete transaction summaries

Change their billing settings

See detailed profile settings

Make payments or apply promotional codes

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What is an ad server and why is it important?

An ad server is a technology platform that manages and delivers digital ad campaigns. It’s essential for efficiently managing ad placements, targeting the right audience, and tracking the performance of your ads, thereby optimizing your ad spend and maximizing revenue

What features should I look for in an ad server?

Key features to look for include robust ad inventory management, various pricing models (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV), multiple ad formats (display, mobile, video, native), precise targeting, detailed analytics, scalability, and integration capabilities with third-party networks

How does your ad server ensure ad quality and brand safety?

Our ad server uses advanced algorithms and strict quality control measures to ensure that ads are relevant, non-intrusive, and safe for your brand. We also provide tools to monitor and filter out inappropriate content, ensuring your brand's integrity

Can your ad server integrate with my existing marketing technology stack?

Yes, our ad server offers comprehensive API support for easy integration with your existing marketing technology stack, allowing you to streamline your digital advertising efforts and improve efficiency

Trusted By B2B Experts


Sarah L.

Media Agency Manager

"This Ad Server solution transformed our digital advertising strategy. The user-friendly interface and powerful analytics tools make it easy to manage our creative campaigns and maximize revenue"


John M.


"We've seen a significant increase in ad performance since switching to this platform. The precise targeting and multiple ad formats are exactly what we needed"


Rachel K.

Ad Network Director

"The integration with third-party networks and the ability to use various cost models have given us incredible flexibility in our ad campaigns."


David P.

Digital Marketing Specialist

"The forecasting and analytics features are top-notch. We can now make data-driven decisions that improve our bottom line."


Michael S.


"We appreciate the scalability of the system. Handling billions of impressions per day without a hitch is impressive."


Emily R.

Advertising Operations Manager

"Customer support is excellent. The team is responsive and helpful, ensuring we get the most out of the platform."

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