White Label Ad Server: full platform ownership from Digital Ad SystemsOur Ad Server software gives you complete control over your data, audiences, and content, while delivering improved performance.

White Label Ad Server: full platform ownership

(For Publishers, Agencies, and Ad Networks)

With a simple interface and efficient design our Ad Server technology manages your online advertising, measures the success of each campaign and helps you maximize the revenue.


Remarketing and conversions tracking

Allows your advertisers to capture an audience who has already visited their websites in the past.

Various Cost Models

Use the pricing (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPV, etc) that fits your business model.

Third-party Network

Sell your Ad inventory and display Ads of third-party networks via API XML/JS Tags or OpenRTB.

Multiple Ad Formats

Different advertising formats available - display, mobile, video, native, etc.

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Precise Targeting

Enjoy precise targeting to deliver your ads to the right audience at the right time.

Forecasting and Analytics

Allows you to make good decisions based on system information, profit forecasts, and system operation efficiency.

Billions of impressions per day

You get a scalable, high-performance, and fault-tolerant system.

User API for Your Convenience

Our White Label Ad Server provides integration with any third-party software directly through the program interface.

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Key Functionality


Ad Inventory Management

OrbitSoft allows you to manage and review the inventory of all your ad space from one convenient, uniform management interface:

Create all of your website lists, channels, and ad codes easily in one place

Review statistics of your entire inventory

Improve your pricing and management efficiency

Set your own rules for inventory: who can buy it and at what price?

You decide which ads to display on which websites with just a few clicks. Enjoy one-click easy targeting options and detailed analytic reports that minimize your time needed and maximize your revenue earned.


Reach Your Core Audience

OrbitSoft Ad Server guides you through the user interface, so you avoid wasting your time looking and can properly allocate more time to finding the right ad placements and target audiences. Reports allow you to see what’s working and what’s not dynamically in real time.

GeoTarget Locations By Country, Region, City & Postal Code

Segment Ad Traffic by Languages

Schedule Ads With Custom Parameter

Optimize by Browser, Device, OS, Net Speed, and Net Provider

Benefit from Multiple Views With Ad Remarketing

Organize Inventory and Traffic Categories.


Create & Optimize Ads Easily

With OrbitSoft Ad Server, advertisers can upload, preview, and configure rich media, video and mobile ads as easily as regular display ads.

Text Ads

Text & Logo Ads

Banner Ads

Native Ads

Video Ads

Rich Media Ads

Expandable Ads

Pop-up/under Ads

Banderole Ads

Page Peel Ads

Floating Ads

Billboard Ads

Full Screen Ads

Mobile Ads


Advanced Ad Planning, Ad Tracking & Ad Reporting

Dynamic Reports are available for each user with OrbitSoft Ad Server in real time. The software covers all of your campaigns, groups, ads, sites and ad space. Users have the ability to generate reports on any given parameters with flexible settings by date range and report fields in offline mode, or with powerful report templates as an automated service defined by their own scheduling.
OrbitSoft Ad Server provides powerful analytics visualized as interactive graphs, charts, heat maps, and diagrams to simplify analysis and make evaluating Ad performance even faster.


Transaction History

OrbitSoft Ad Server billing offers simple navigation, filtering options, and easy-to-see summaries of all your important billing and payment information.
Here are some of the things your users can do with their accounts:

See complete transaction summaries

Change their billing settings

See detailed profile settings

Make payments or apply promotional codes.

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Why To Choose Our Company?

24/7 support

99,9% uptime



Custom programming

Trusted By B2B Experts


John Stewart,
CEO, Dothop.

“Switching to OrbitSoft gave us instant results. We didn't lose any information or have long downtimes. I'm very happy to get the results and get set up to increase our business.”


Vladimir Astashkin,
Vice President Adviator

A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. OrbitSoft Mobile allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with OrbitSoft fruitfully.”


Ross Allan,
Manager of Advertising
Companies, Traffic Force

“We knew the goals we pursued were not easy in terms of implementation. But we had no idea OrbitSoft would perform the job successfully in an even shorter time. Well done!”


Dmitry Nikitin,
UBO at Traffic Shop

“We knew we had ambitious goals that would be tough to accomplish. We had no idea how easy OrbitSoft would make it for us to succeed, and in much less time than we could have hoped for. Well done.”

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