White Label CPA Affiliate Marketing Software from Digital Ad SystemsGet a Platform for Buying Ad Spots with Cost per Action Payment Model

CPA Affiliate Marketing Software

The highest quality complete system, purposefully built for for buying ad spots with Cost per Action payment model


An efficient tool for advertisers that allows them to pay per definite results

Digital Ad Systems CPA is a platform for advertisers and publishers that follows CPA payment model.
A CPA is a payment model for conversion actions, i.e., Cost Per Action. Unlike CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression) models, a CPA allows an advertiser to pay only for a definite action performed by a user. It may include buying a good, registering, signing up for a subscription, downloading an application.

The product is the perfect fit for:

Customized ad networks connecting advertisers to publishers from certain business spheres and providing ad inventory. They may customize their own CPA platform and improve affiliate program management.

The business spheres not accepting any collaboration with side ad systems. They require their own ad products to promote their offers.

Large content publishers striving to monetize their traffic and boost affiliate revenue.

Large advertisers eager to brand their interface (White Label Solutions), directly manage their affiliate networks and optimize their payments for conversions.


Digital Ad Systems CPA Affiliate Marketing Software provides:

Support of any types of conversion actions, including the purchase of goods, filling in the form, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.;

Detailed conversion and commission payment reports, and other efficiency metrics;

A flexible adjustment system for affiliate programs in accordance with their needs;

The possibility of multi-layer commission payments. For instance, the first-layer commission is paid for the user’s registration in the system, whereas the second-layer commission is awarded for replenishing the balance;

Both servers and Cloud solutions, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.;

Built-in monitoring, notification, backup and data storage systems.


Why Opt for Digital Ad Systems CPA Affiliate Marketing Software?

It's a horizontally scalable and highly fault tolerant system. Each architecture component provides for the efficient use of server resources.

The software corresponds to legislative acts and standards in personal data processing.

The platform handles high load and is capable of processing a great amount of ad traffic, i.e., the time required for one request does not exceed 100 ms with over 100,000 bid requests per second.

We apply contemporary data safety methods to protect the users from illegal access.

Why To Choose Our Company?

24/7 support

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Custom programming

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